We are Cupra approved repairers; upon completion of repairs you will receive a Cupra repair guarantee, which is your assurance that your car has been repaired using genuine parts and Cupra approved paint products to ensure your car is repaired to the highest standards by manufacturer-trained technicians.

It is your choice where your car is repaired; you are within your rights to insist on a Cupra approved repairer and do not have to accept the repairer recommended by your insurer. A bodyshop that isn’t Cupra approved cannot give you a Cupra Repair Guarantee. By choosing C&P Panelcraft you can be assured of a repair that is carried out in a state-of-the-art bodyshop in Croydon, by technicians specifically trained to know your car inside out. We also offer private repairs and end of lease repairs.

We take pride in offering you a service that is as stress-free as possible. If you have any questions about our service, please do get in touch. You can call us on 01689 846520 or email

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We have invested in the latest technology for recalibrating the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) on your Cupra. When your car has been damaged in an accident, it is imperative to ensure that these systems are recalibrated so that they function correctly in future. Specialist equipment is needed in order to do this. We have all the latest equipment in house, so we can recalibrate Cupra driver safety systems including:

  • Radars for lane change assist
  • Collision avoidance assist
  • Park assist
  • Adaptive Cruise Control


We offer the following services to Cupra owners:


Cupra approved repairs and full manufacturer training

Cupra diagnostic equipment and genuine parts

Cupra repair authenticity guarantee

Insurance approved repairers

BS 10125 approved bodyshop

Unrivalled customer service

BS 10125 approved repairers

BS 10125 is the industry agreed technical specification for the process of vehicle body repair. It details the processes and procedures directly related to the safe repair of accident damaged vehicles.

This is the criteria to earn this accreditation:

  • Correct repairs processes
  • Suitably trained, competent staff
  • Suitable tools and equipment
  • Safe, appropriate parts
  • Quality control procedures


Your opinion is really important to both us and to Cupra and we would love to hear your thoughts on our service.

After you have received our services, Cupra will send a short customer survey invitation to you by email and we would be most grateful if you would complete this for us.

You should receive the invitation a few days after your vehicle is returned to you.

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