Are you interested in working for C&P Panelcraft?

We work in a highly competitive industry and in order to stand out, we’ve had to build up a strong reputation for ourselves. Our employees are an essential part of this – when you work for us, you’re wearing a uniform with our name on it, so you need to represent our values. If you are professional, courteous, and believe in delivering the best possible customer service, you could be a good fit.

Our aims:

  • Maintain the highest customer service standards.
  • Offer internal and external training to advance our employees’ learning. We recognise and reward ability, hard work and excellent customer service.
  • Provide a service that’s efficient and professional.
  • Work as a team to achieve customer satisfaction and deliver an outstanding level of service.
  • Operate responsibly and show consideration for the environment and our community.
  • Create long-term stability and build up a business that delivers on our investment.
  • Stay up to date with new and emerging vehicle technology.

We offer unique staff development opportunities through tailored training programmes, ensuring our team members are well equipped to deliver on our core promises to our customers. From the moment new staff members join us, they begin to learn new skills. We provide a thorough induction process and our commitment to you will continue throughout your career at C&P Panelcraft.

If you’d like to become part of our team, please get in touch and submit your CV or covering letter.

We also offer opportunities to join us as an Apprentice. As a Volkswagen Group approved bodyshop, we recommend their programme, details of which are available at

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