We are a leading car bodyshop and repair centre in Croydon, offering four-wheel alignment in our state-of-the-art workshop. This service uses the latest technology to assess wheel alignment and make changes as necessary, ensuring your vehicle is safe, efficient and in complete working order. We can complete the work while you wait – as a local family-run business, we prioritise customer service and want to make life as easy for you as possible.

We will also produce a complete report, detailing the work required and showing how we’ve carried it out. This is useful to keep for your own records, and if you decide to sell your car in future, it proves you’ve taken good care of it and have kept on top of maintenance.

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The benefits of wheel realignment

Wheels that are misaligned can be detrimental to driving, and they can even make your vehicle unsafe and unroadworthy. These are some of the key benefits of realigning your wheels:

  • Safety – misaligned wheels can make a car dangerous to drive, as it might pull to one side
  • Even tyre wear – poor alignment can make your vehicle susceptible to uneven wear
  • Better fuel efficiency – misaligned tyres make the engine work harder, so your vehicle is less efficient to run
  • Smoother driving – you won’t have to concentrate on constantly adjusting your steering
  • Reduced costs – you can save money in the long term, as bad alignment can cause parts to wear out earlier

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How do you know if your vehicle needs wheel realignment?

Your wheels can become misaligned when they are driven over potholes and speed bumps – the slightest knock can cause this to happen. These are some of the signs that your wheels might need to be realigned:

  • The feeling of the vehicle pulling to one side
  • Unusual tyre noises, like squealing
  • A crooked steering wheel despite steering straight ahead
  • Noticeable uneven tyre wear

You won’t always be able to tell if your wheels are misaligned, as it can happen over time and the changes may be gradual. We will be happy to check your wheel alignment for you.

Why not give your wheels a complete overhaul with our alloy repair and refurbishment service? Your car will be safer to drive and will look its very best.

Why choose C&P Panelcraft for wheel realignment?

Wheel alignment while you wait

Commitment to quality

Insurance approved repairers

BS 10125 approved bodyshop

High-tech vehicle workshop

Unrivalled customer service

Wheel alignment in a state-of-the-art bodyshop

Specialist equipment is needed to align wheels – it’s not as simple as taking a look to check the alignment. Our equipment will precisely calculate the misalignment, which then allows us to rectify the problem.

We offer four-wheel realignment and we have on-site alignment ramps to carry out the process. We invest heavily in our workshop technology, ensuring we can complete the wheel alignment process efficiently, accurately, and in the most cost-effective way for you.

This service can be carried out while you wait in our comfortable reception area.

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